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How to use photomode

Using the menu

To use photomode, simply press "O" on your keyboard or click the camera icon in the top right corner of your screen while in game.

Skjermbilde 2021-03-08 141210.png

Once you're in photomode, you'll see the photomenu as displayed below. This menu gives you several different options, and i recommend trying out the different settings and combine them to see how it affects the picture. Below I have made a summary of what the different sliders and buttons do (make sure to check out both parts, it's a slide).


Tip: The game won't always open 

photomode because your character

is doing something. Often times you 

can still take a picture if you click

the camera-button in the top right corner.
This way you can get some epic action shots!

Here are the settings I personally use!


Where to find your pictures

Your pictures are likely to be saved in a folder named "Star Stable online". If you can't find this folder, click "pictures taken" while in photomode, and the folder will open.

Some players experience that their pictures won't be saved. This problem is usually caused by firewall protection and antivirus programs.

To avoid this, make sure your antivirus doesn't block star stable online.

Transferring pictures to another device

There are many ways to transfer your pictures from computer to phone. It's hard to say which method is better because it depends on your needs, but personally i prefer using google drive because It allows me to organize the pictures in folders and get a good overview, while keeping the quality of the picture. You can also transfer the pictures by connecting your phone to your computer with a cable and move the files over.


I rarely adjust my picture while in photomode, other than using depth of field. Most of my editing is done after taking the picture, in an app called snapseed. When taking night time pictures I do sometimes increase brightness and contrast to make the editing process easier.

Can I adjust the amount of blur in a picture?

Yes, but only to an extent. The further in you zoom with your mouse wheel and the closer you are to the thing you focus on, the blurrier the background will be. You can use field of view to "zoom out", so that you can properly see your motive. 

You can also use third party programmes like reshade, which gives you a wide range of effects like blur, fog, etc. I personally don't have enough experience with reshade to do a tutorial on it.

How do i get a black background?

Taking these portrait pictures is a lot

less hocus-pocus than it looks. Simply

take the picture in front of a black

backdrop like the mistfall tunnel,

located by the bus stop. You can also

use dark caves like the demascus mine

and the smuggler's cave.


Frequently asked questions

How do you keep the quality when uploading?

Firstly, take the pictures with the highest settings your computer allows. Finding a suitable platform for transferring your pictures is also essential. many platforms compresses files in order for them to take less space, but this usally impacts the quality. Because of this, I don't recommend sending pictures through platforms like facebook and instagram. As mentioned above, sending the pictures via e-mail or cable to your phone is the optimal solution.

How do you get your pictures so vibrant and bold?

I have three key words: clarity, saturation and contrast. It's a really simple recipe, but it can take a while to discover the exact recipe that suits you perfectly. Most of my pictures are edited quite a lot. If you want to see some before and after comparisons, head over to the "B&A" highlight on my instagram!

How do you record your videos?

I use OBS Studio and edit the videos in an app called inshot.

Bonus tip: How to take super-realistic jumping pictures

You can use photomode to get a smaller jump. Press "O" as soon as you jump, then exit photomode and quickly enter photomode again. this way your horse won't jump awkwardly high. it can be quite tricky to master, but i highly recommend you try it out! i do this with most of my jumping pictures, like in the picture below.


Do you have any other questions you want answered? Send me a dm on instagram and I will try to help you out!

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