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To put your photography skills to test, I figured it could be fun to have a photography challenge! I have put together 30 topics that are either related to a technique or that can help spark a creative idea. 

There is no time limit to this challenge and each daily topic is up to enterpret. You also don't have to do every single day if you don't want to. Day 15 and 30 are freestyle, leaving you in charge of what the theme should be!

Share the pictures on instagram with #ssoDJphotochallenge and tag me! I will be posting my own entries both on instagram and here, I hope you tag along!

If you have any questions, send me a message through the contact form here (scroll to the bottom of the page) or send me a message on instagram. 

Discover Jorvik's

Photography challenge

1. Self-portrait
2. Landscape
4. View
5. Strike a pose
6. Depth of field
7. Wild horse mode
8. Pets
9. Casual
10. Close-up
11. Tack
12. Through the ears (1st person)
13. Home stable
14. Nighttime
15. Freestyle

16. Colours
17. Landscape
18. Angles
19. NPC
20. Paddock
21. Field of view
22. Friendship
23. Retake an old picture
24. Details
25. Magical
26. Monochrome
27.  Black background
28. Artistic
29. Magical

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