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Cheyanne Ironriver


About me

Greetings, friends! My name is Cheyanne Ironriver (but you can call me Senni), and you can find me wandering around on a Finnish server, Apricot Harbor. I created my first account in Star Stable Online back in 2015 when I first heard about it, but I stopped playing when I couldn’t continue the game without using real money.


I remembered the existence of Star Stable Online a few years later while playing the Star Shine Legacy game series, and hungry for nostalgia, I created my current SSO account in February 2020. I finished the story quests rather quickly, and because of that, I started looking for something new to do within the game - that’s when I discovered in-game photography!


At first, I took photos for my own amusement, and I didn’t edit them or publish them anywhere. I had an Instagram account, but it was simply for keeping in touch with my SSO club members. However, I soon started following a few SSO photographers (shoutout to @discover_jorvik and @pixelhorsephotography!), and inspired by them, I gradually started editing my photos and publishing them on my Instagram, @rautajoensenni. I’ve actively taken pictures in the game since last November, and in that relatively short time, in-game photography has become an important hobby for me.

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