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Photography Basics

First, you need an idea for a picture. Do you want to take pictures of your character, your horse or the landscape of Jorvik, or perhaps more detailed pictures of your surroundings? Just because it’s a horse game, it doesn’t mean you have to take horse pictures! Jorvik is full of beauty in both scenery, objects and other animals!

Spend a little time planning out your picture. What kind of picture do you want to make? A portrait might benefit from one pose, and action shots from another pose. Explore your options by experimenting with different poses. putting together a good outfit and finding a suitable location are key points for a great picture.
The planning process also includes choosing a good location. You want a background that isn’t too busy, so that you don’t end up taking away the attention from the object you want to be your main subject. Remember, this process doesn’t have to take long. A couple of quick thoughts are often enough to get you somewhere! During the process you might also end up somewhere completely different because you get even better ideas. Remember that unless you’re looking to do a lot of re-touching, the picture you take should be the picture you want to present. Get rid of disturbing objects etc.

Now that you’ve made it to the location of your photoshoot, there are some things to consider. What is the area like? Which part is the best for your picture and how can you use it? Remember, if you’re not looking to do a lot of retouching afterwards, the picture you take should be the picture you want to present, so get rid of disturbing objects etc. Experiment with different angles, lighting and setting. If you’re interested to learn more about lighting, angles and composition, let me know and I’ll make a tutorial on it! Take your time finding the best poses and settings for your picture.

Create depth! You can make your pictures much more interesting by adding depth. having something in the foreground helps you achieve this effect. This can be grass, bushes or any other object within the reach of your camera lens. To further add to this effect, turn on the depth of field. This will create softer edges and give a higher quality look to your image.

Be patient! Sometimes you have to wait a while to get the exact shot you want, but it is definitely worth it. You might also find yourself taking lots of pictures to get the one you want to use, and even discover that the first picture you took was the best. This might be a bit frustrating, and that is ok!

If you find yourself at a loss for ideas, look through your old photos. Are there pictures you can improve by taking them again or could you edit them differently? Don’t be afraid to wipe dust off old stuff! You can also look at pictures from real life photographers. Is there a realistic scene you can create in game, or maybe you can add a twist to it?

If the picture doesn’t turn out the way you want to, don’t be afraid to try again later!

It’s ok to take a break! If you don’t feel motivated or inspired, don’t feel like you have to push yourself too hard. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and come back with a fresh look on things.
Remember to have fun in the process and the improvement will come naturally! If you feel like you’re stagnating, just keep pushing. Sometimes your style and skills keep improving even if you don’t notice. If this doesn’t feel like the right way for you, you can also try something completely different. Change up the theme of your pictures, go somewhere you have never been before or try out a SSO photography challenge (I will be posting some in the future). A SSO photographer friend of mine @pixelhorsephotography, told me that she experiments through less planning. Take a completely unplanned shot by pressing O whenever and see if it is a picture worth working on further!

Follow other photographers or editors, both in real life and SSO-related. By exposing yourself to the content of others, you can spark some new ideas of your own.

Sometimes ideas will pop up in your head when you’re on the go, so it might be a good idea to write them down (to remember in the future).


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