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Winter competition

Here you can download a grayscale for the winter horse design competition that is currently going over on my Instagram page! Would you like to participate? Download the PNG file and let's get started!

How to use:

1. Download the picture below as a PNG. file.

2. Open in your preferred drawing program.

3. Add a new layer on top of the grayscale and set to "overlay" or a similar setting so that you can draw over the grayscale. You can also use settings like clipping mask on your added layer to keep what you draw inside the lines of the grayscale. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

4. Draw your christmas/winter design on the horse and upload it to Instagram, using #SSOMyWinterHorse to enter! Check my Instagram @discover_jorvik for additional rules and terms.

5. Have fun <3

Rules of use:

You are allowed to use this grayscale only to enter the competition.


You are NOT allowed to claim the grayscale as your own.

Remember to use #SSOMyWinterHorse to enter!

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