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Tuva Farcraft

My inspirations:

I’m an avid daydreamer! I take inspiration from the grandest of visions, to the littlest things in life. Music, people, art, nature, poetry, fantasy, deep stories, etc. I always try to tell a story in my work, which can come from the faintest subtleties in any given subject – mood, posture, narrative, expression, atmosphere, a hidden message and so on. All of it is so impactful in its own way that I can easily get inspired to create something that could deliver that same, evocative value.

When going about making an edit, I think about how I want my end-product to look like and what mood it’s going to have. Once I have a clue, I take several pictures in the game of the desired backgrounds, characters and/or items. Lots and lots of photos… The more angles I take, the more I can play and experiemnt, should some angles not line up well when working in Photoshop. Once I’m happy I put them all into Photoshop, and og through some photo manipulations and cut-outs, I make an arrangement that I’m happy with. If need be, I’ll smoothen or draw over some parts to fix a mistake or to make it pop. Depending on the subject, I’ll draw something extra as well, like a bird, a body part or a magical element. Finally, I play with atmosphere – adding an overlay layer of warm or cold colours, fog, clouds, effects, glows, sharpening or enhancing some edges, etc. Anything to give the piece that final «wow-factor» touch.


About me

Hi, I’m Tuva! I’m an adult player complete with a career, house, and husband, but SSO photography has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies by far to wind down and relax. I’ve only started playing SSO a little over two years ago (February 2019), after finding it quite accidentally, and I fell in love with Jorvik on first sight. I love to just ride around solo, listen to the sounds and music and look at the landscapes. Most of all, I appreciate the fun and whimsical side of the game, even down to the programming bugs, that can bring unexpected joy to my day by just making me laugh- because, well, life is serious enough as it is, amirite? It is in the same vein that I started to take photos in photomode.

I love taking photos on my travels in RL, capturing fleeting moments as they occur, trying to create shots that will still bring back to me the emotions, sounds, smells of the scene when I look at them much, much later; because of that, photography for me is something unplanned and spontaneous, where you need to be quick in understanding what you want to capture and even quicker in doing it, before the moment is gone by and lost forever. It is probably this that inspires my SSO photography the most (although SSO is way more forgiving in that respect, since you can apply the settings, zoom in/out, change perspective AFTER having pressed the button, something I only wish were possible in RL photography, sigh). I try to transport this feeling of having to be spontaneous and living in the moment over to my SSO photography, and since it is (much like travel photography) an activity I try to relax by, I take a very lighthearted approach to it and rely a lot on impulse and randomness. This is also probably my favorite photography tip to give: play a little, have fun a lot, and go with the flow!

In the game, you can find me as Tuva Fallcraft on German servers (I switch often, ask me where I am atm!) and as Tuva Farcraft on Spring Star. You can also message me on Instagram anytime if you have any question!

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